About Us
The State E-Rate Coordinators Alliances (SECA) is an organization consisting of E-Rate Coordinators from each of the States and territories participating in the E-Rate Program. SECA supports all E-Rate participants in their applications process as well as assists the FCC and the Universal Services Administrative Company with program administration and development. As an organization, we support the efforts of obtaining needed broadband Internet access and educational technologies needed to maximize the educational experience of all stakeholders as a competitive nation in a global economy. Preparing our current students and future generations to not only compete but excel in the classroom and lead our nation is our goal.
In the year 2000, a group of State’s representatives came to together and began the State E-Rate Coordinators Alliance (SECA). This group was and is considered a grassroots organization serving the schools and libraries through each individuals member’s responsibilities designated within their home State. The alliance is based on our individual attributes of our States and territories as they relate to a national based E-Rate program. Our members each have an affinity in the success of the E-rate program and its effort to support the acquisition of discounted broadband and Internet access to all schools and libraries across the nation. Over the 14 years of existence we are most commonly referred to as SECA. Other variations of our named organization have been based upon differing translations of the spelling of E-Rate (E-rate, e-Rate, Erate, eRate, etc) and the group name Coordinator, Coordinators, Coordinators’ or Coordinator’s.
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